Gilda Garza

My heart, is my art.

A Passion for Art

Constantly striving to find new ways to advance her technique, Gilda takes inspiration from moments in her life; bringing beauty combined and thought to life on her canvases.

Her art, described as an original expressionist style with a mix of pop art, has attracted the attention of renowned art collectors around the world.

About My Artwork

Gilda’s following has seen rapid growth and much of that can be attributed to her artwork being featured in Playboy Magazine in 2018.

Gilda has painted and collaborated with many athletes and celebrities including Canelo Alvarez, Snoop Dogg, Anthony Davis and many others.

About Gilda

Gilda Garza is a celebrity-favorite artist known for pushing the limits of raw emotion in a way that captivates the soul and sparks curiosity. Born and raised in Mexico, Garza’s work strives to convey her unique, multi-cultural perspective of the human experience. Constantly testing and refining her techniques, Garza gracefully transforms blank canvas into stirring imagery that speaks to the continued legacy of hopeful self-expression inherited from her mother and grandmother, proclaiming: “There is no work of art I paint that does not carry a piece of my heart and a part of my soul in it.” Garza courageously and elegantly explores the power of passion and love, the conflict between survival and excess, and the delicate relationship between beauty and strength. Famously recognized as the first Latina artist to exhibit on the Las Vegas Strip, her work has since featured on the cover of Playboy, Roberto Cavalli haute couture, and on the opening design of Nicole Miller’s catwalk show during Fashion Week Scottsdale. In July 2019, West Hollywood’s iconic Hills Penthouse welcomed Garza’s “Kings and Queens” exhibition in support of AnnaLynne McCord’s anti-human trafficking organization Together1Heart. During 2019’s Art Basel Miami Beach, Garza’s sold-out exhibition featured a “Queen of Hearts” piece that garnered a $70,000 price tag, earning her a widespread celebrity following and commissioned projects for legends such as Snoop Dogg, world-champion boxer Canelo Alvarez, and the Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team. In 2020, Garza is set to collaborate with one of the largest Napa Valley wineries, design a custom “Kings and Queens” diamond necklace for Jason of Beverly Hills, and present an eagerly-anticipated exhibit in Europe.

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