Gilda Garza

My heart, is my art.

A Passion for Art

Constantly striving to find new ways to advance her technique, Gilda takes inspiration from moments in her life; bringing beauty combined and thought to life on her canvases.

Her art, described as an original expressionist style with a mix of pop art, has attracted the attention of renowned art collectors around the world.

About My Artwork

Gilda’s following has seen rapid growth and much of that can be attributed to her artwork being featured in Playboy Magazine in 2018.

Gilda has painted and collaborated with many athletes and celebrities including Canelo Alvarez, Snoop Dogg, Anthony Davis and many others.

About Gilda

Born in Sinaloa, Mexico, Gilda Garza discovered art at a very early age. Both her mother and grandmother were artists. Her earliest memories involve spending time with family while having a paintbrush in her hand.

Art never stops and neither does Gilda. She continues to work on new pieces and exciting collaborations including with one of the largest wineries in Napa Valley California, as well as exhibitions in Europe. .

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